Lizardbreath Designs
Elizabeth Olmstead


We are what we do repeatedly, excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
— Aristotle

Elizabeth Olmstead

I was born and raised in suburban Michigan, my childhood revolved around wildlife and farming. I had a very non-traditional high school education that allowed me to focus on two of my favorite subjects, biology and drawing. I spent hour studying animals and drawing them. When I graduated, graphic design was a natural fit for me, and I love it! I am able to mix my unique background into powerful visual solutions. I am a dynamic & outgoing graphic design artist equipped with an excellent work ethic and a capacity to effectively manage creative projects. Passionate and focused on developing a unique personal aesthetic & marketable trademark in the visual arts arena. I have a wide variety of skills as well as superb communication skills. I flourish in a team environment along with working solely on a project. I have a strong sense of effective design and the ability to conceptualize abstract ideas; breaking down communication barriers with inventive design solutions is the most satisfying problem solving I’ve ever undertaken.


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